scam phones calls

I got a phone call to the house phone from a girl from India, Pakistan or some bloody Asian country and it was nearly impossible to understand what she was saying.

Anyway, i understood Northern Bank account detail’s and she said they were going to be altered and could i help her out.

Well alarm bell’s rang all over the place and i undertsood what was going on , so i played along with her asking a few dumb question’s and answering a few of her’s that would not harm me or my account.I also made her repeat a lot of what she said out of pure badness.

And then i asked her to give me her telephone number and name and i would ring her straight back , that’s when the phone went down.

I phoned BT to report it and the girl said that they did not have the equipment to trace spam call’s.

I knew what was happening from the start, but it must be awful for some poor person on their own who would not have a clue it was a spam call and they gave out all their bank detail’s leading to their bank account being cleared out.

I think something should have been done about this long ago, after all they can trace every phone call, text sent, or maybe they can’t just be bothered.


I appreciate any comments you leave, and thank you for reading my posts and please call back again.

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