burning the Koran

Rev Terry Jones’s church, the Dove Outreach Centre, in Gainesville, Florida.

What was this man thinking of, what possessed him to burn the Koran. He has caused so much trouble over this,  he and his followers are responsible for the 9 deaths ( SO FAR ) that have taken place in Afghanistan and it is far from finished yet.

At least nine people are thought to have died in the latest demonstrations in Kandahar.

The victims are Lt Col Siri Skare, a 53-year-old female pilot. A Swede and four UN guards from Nepal were also killed, and a Romanian citizen is also said to have died.

Two victims were be-headed by the crowd, whether alive or dead no-one knows.

Pastor Jones, said he was “absolutely not responsible” for Friday’s atrocities.

Yes you were mr jones, no burnings leads to no deaths, not to hard to figure out.

President Obama condemned the killings, but i have yet to hear him condemn the pastor also how many American politicians have condemned the pastor. Are they frightened or scared to because of the religious American people .

This pastor should be brought in front of the court and charged with incitement to religious hatred, religious bigotry, incitement to lead to death, he should not be allowed to get away with what he has done.

He was told the first time he tried it that it would lead to death and American deaths .

Did he and his tender church going flock care, did they shit.

But i expect that there will be nothing done and he will go on ranting and foaming at the mouth causing more death and trouble for all concerned.

Wake up America he could be bringing trouble to your shore once again soon, i hope not.

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