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Russia taking over Ukraine

type102President (Vladimir) Putin is in charge of this take over, no matter what he says, he is the man behind the invasion of Ukraine.Read more

He says they are Armed separatists / Pro-Russian activists. The way they are going around the country taking over buildings etc, i think they are troops from Russia, plus he has massed his troops just over the border ready to invade.


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Missing Malaysian flight 370

type102Something strange has happened to flight 370. With a plane crash you would get wreckage, suit cases, bodies, life jackets etc, but not in this case. Not a sign of anything not even an oil slick.

The crew switched of all radar and the means to track and find the plane, known as ACARS and the transponder, now we learn that a company in London who track planes has said they turned round and flew for five hours before disappearing.

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Nelson Mandela has died.

A great leader who was an inspiration to all has die after a long illness.

Mr Mandela who was 95, was receiving medical treatment for the last three years and for the last six months has been critically ill.

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America’s Navy yard shooting.


Another mass shooting in America, 13 dead, will these deaths help the cause to ban guns etc, NO, they will make no difference. Things will carry on as they are with hundreds of deaths every year 90% of them innocent people.

Heavily armed former US Navy reservist Aaron Alexis walked on to the base and into the US Navy Sea Systems Command headquarters, killing 12 people. Why was he or his bags not searched, how did he just walk into work heavily armed, into the command headquarters.



Aaron Alexis, 34.

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America , will they attack Syria.

Will the President go against what seems like a great wave of people all over the world and attack Syria. Will he ignore the people and go for an attack.
Will he go against the U.N and attack, I think the evidence he has is dodgy, where did he get it, I think its from the same people who supplied President Bush’s information and look how that turned out, a pack of lies.
What business is it the states any-way, they are not the policemen of the world, it will do the states no harm. If they attack, it will do greater harm, fester more hatred towards America maybe more Americans killed. Continue reading

President Robert Mugabe rigs the election.


Again President Robert Mugabe rigs the election in Zimbabwe.



There were “significant concerns” of irregularities both leading up to the poll and on election day itself which “call into serious question the credibility of the election”.

Over one million people were cheated out of their vote in areas that did not support him, and an  unbelievable number of people of 100 years of age voted in a country were the age limit is about 65.

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Prism Internet spying by the U.S.A. and G.B.


G.C.H.Q. and the N.S.A. are they breaking the law, there is going to be questions asked in Parliament and an inquiry held in Briton, doubt if the same will happen in the U.S.A.

We all have been taken for a ride by social network sites, we were all told that everything would be safe, now we find we are being listen to and all text can be read.


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UK aid to other nations.

Britain gives financial aid to eleven plus countries, some of these countries do not need the aid and it should be stopped.

The government are stopping aid to India from 2015 as their own government says they do not need it any more. They spend a lot on the military, they also have a space programme and the economy is growing at 8% a year. the total aid is  £1.12bn up tp 2015.

India and Pakistan do not need aid so instead of sharing  the money it should be brought back into the British vaults to help Briton out of the mess.

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Half of the worlds food wasted

Half of all the world’s food ends up being thrown away, two billion tonnes worth in total a new report claims. The waste is caused by poor infrastructure and storage facilities, over-strict sell-by dates, “get-one-free” offers, and consumer fussiness.I think buy one get one free is the biggest thing that is causing food waste, people  cannot use the food fast enough so it ends up in the bin. Its a shame with so many people not only abroad but also at home going hungry with the lack of food.

Photo Yahoo News

Photo Yahoo News

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China’s abuse of people in tibet

China invaded Tibet many years ago because it was a very small country with no army worth talking about and it was next door to China.

Photo from the Tibet post. Story from the Tibet Post.

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Argentina’s Row Over Falklands


Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is again calling on Britain to give the Falkland Islands to Argentina because they fell that the island belongs to them.

What she is trying to do is divert the public’s attention away from her countries financial troubles because the country is bankrupt and also her inability to run the country properly.

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Controversial Saturday: Rape.

India has one of the worlds worst annual rate of rape cases and very few of the men are ever brought before the courts. The one’s that are usually get of on technicalities.

Campaigners in India are calling for tougher penalties for sex offenders after a massive rise in the number of rapes.

According to the latest government figures, a woman is now raped in India every 20 minutes.

But despite the increase in sex attacks the number of convictions is falling.

In the last 12 months, there have been a number of high profile cases which have caused outrage across the nation.

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