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Superbowl 2014

type102I watched the game last night and it was the first one I watched completely through, i really cannot see what all the hype is about, its only a one hour match stretched into three to three and half hours, and about a half hour for a break.

Photo: yahoo photos
Photo: yahoo photos

The big favourites were taken apart, the Denver team and the quarter back hadn’t a bloody clue what to do to stop them. The defence should have stayed at home for all the good they were, and as for the attackers how many times did they fail to get the first ten yards.

Well done Seattle Seahawks you played like champions.

Amanda Knox to be extradited.

type102An Italian court has pronounced US student Amanda Knox guilty of murder and sentenced her in absentia to 28 years and six months in prison. And her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and sentenced him to 25 years.



They both still say they are innocent of the crime, but they were both in the flat at the time and must have heard any noise or disturbance that took place.

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Justin Bieber, drugs,drink,criminal.

type102Justin Bieber, is he being lead astray by his father, his entourage, fellow artists or the people he hangs around with. Or is he just a complete arse hole with no sense, going from a budding new singer to a criminal / bad boy in just a few short years.
Justin Bieber court video
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The 19-year-old pop star is facing possible jail time after his arrest in Florida on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.
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America’s Navy yard shooting.


Another mass shooting in America, 13 dead, will these deaths help the cause to ban guns etc, NO, they will make no difference. Things will carry on as they are with hundreds of deaths every year 90% of them innocent people.

Heavily armed former US Navy reservist Aaron Alexis walked on to the base and into the US Navy Sea Systems Command headquarters, killing 12 people. Why was he or his bags not searched, how did he just walk into work heavily armed, into the command headquarters.



Aaron Alexis, 34.

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America , will they attack Syria.

Will the President go against what seems like a great wave of people all over the world and attack Syria. Will he ignore the people and go for an attack.
Will he go against the U.N and attack, I think the evidence he has is dodgy, where did he get it, I think its from the same people who supplied President Bush’s information and look how that turned out, a pack of lies.
What business is it the states any-way, they are not the policemen of the world, it will do the states no harm. If they attack, it will do greater harm, fester more hatred towards America maybe more Americans killed. Continue reading

Prism Internet spying by the U.S.A. and G.B.


G.C.H.Q. and the N.S.A. are they breaking the law, there is going to be questions asked in Parliament and an inquiry held in Briton, doubt if the same will happen in the U.S.A.

We all have been taken for a ride by social network sites, we were all told that everything would be safe, now we find we are being listen to and all text can be read.


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Woman drivers.

A Woman, a Ford & a Mattress.

A woman ran over a mattress on the highway, and decided not to worry and kept on driving.

It caught on the undercarriage of her Ford. The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to tear a hole in the fuel tank.

The subsequent lack of fuel is what finally brought her vehicle to its knees..

She had still managed to drive 30 more miles with A 60-pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.

She Had it Towed To Her Ford Dealership And Complained That The Vehicle Had A “Sort Of Shimmy” When She Was Driving At High Speeds.

Attached Are The Photos Of What They Found At Her Ford Dealership.

The Last Photo Is By Far The Best.

Sort Of A Shimmy!!” — I’ll Bet It Did!

The Ford Mechanics Still Can’t Believe Their Eyes.

And Still Wondering How To Remove It!

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America’s fiscal cliff.

I’m amazed at the size of America’s debt, but what’s more worrying is that the Republicans don’t seem to want to know about it or fix it. They are only interested in helping businesses and the rich.


For over a year now they have been talking about fixing the debt and the deadline has now passed and its still not fixed. Its not the Presidents fault as he has done all he can for the minute, it seems the politicians think it will go away, fix it’s self.

The mint just keeps printing dollars and putting out into the economy to keep the country afloat , that is no way to run one of the biggest economies in the world, it creates inflation making the debt worse .

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U.S. mass shootings in 2012

The list of mass shootings and the number of dead are truly shocking in a country which believes that everyone and anyone is free and should be able to own and carry a weapon.

Feb. 21: Norcross, Ga.                        4 dead, shooter dead.

Feb. 27: Chardon, Ohio                      3 Dead, 2 injured.

March 8: Pittsburgh                           1 dead, shooter dead, 7 injured.

April 2: Oakland                                  7 dead, 3 injured.

April 6: Tulsa                                        3 dead, 2 injured.

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The Queens Christmas message to the U.S.A.

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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School Shooting in America


Yet another mass shooting in America of innocent people, the second shooting in one week. This one is the second worst shooting in America’s history 27 dead and a few injured, but the worst ever mass school shooting.

It took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.  A total of 20 children the headmaster and other adults, the shooter killed himself, he was named as 20 year old Ryan Lanza.

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Hodiaki at school

Little Hodiaki

The teacher said, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American history.

Who said ‘Give me Liberty, or give me Death’?”

She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Hodiaki a bright foreign exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up:  ‘Patrick Henry, 1775′, he said.

‘Very good!’

Who said, ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the
People, shall not perish from the Earth?’

Again, no response except from Little Hodiaki, ‘Abraham Lincoln, 1863′.
‘Excellent!’ said the teacher continuing, ‘let’s try one a bit more difficult…’

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